Shelagh Donnelly
Tuesday 12 Sep - Tuesday 12 Sep

International webinar - Influence, Confidence, Credibility and Presence: Lessons from the Org Chart

12 September 2023, 18-19.15 CEST

The way we communicate and carry ourselves can influence stakeholders’ perceptions of our performance, professionalism and the career itself. Join Shelagh Donnelly to examine the roles of emotional intelligence, credibility and self-promotion in your success, and traits you can cultivate

We’ll delve into how to convey and inspire confidence, the significance of our verbal and non-verbal communications, and why (and how) you may want to focus on establishing or recalibrating your personal brand.

 Learning objectives:

1. Influence and professional presence

2. Credibility, confidence and self-promotion

3. Honing your personal brand 


Meet our speaker - Shelagh Donnelly

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